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ZheJiang WEWELL Machinery CO., Ltd. was established in 1992, the environment is elegant, complete facilities, more convenient for our company to new and old customers, partners to provide quality services. Main products: bubble film machine, air cushion film machine, bubble film bag making machine, winding film machine, winding film rewinding machine, tearing film machine, fresh film rewinding machine, high and low pressure film blowing machine, polypropylene film blowing machine, bag making machine, color printing machine, cutter and various plastic machinery.

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High Speed Compound Air Bubble film Machine
Informação básica

Modelo: 1600

Suitable Raw Matorial:HDPE LDPE LLDPE

Width Of Production:1600mm

Main Bubble Specification:Φ6x3.2mm

Total Installed Power:165KW


Gross Weight:9.5T

Screw Diameter:Φ70/75/70mm

Screw L/d:34:1

Screw Cylinder Material:SACM-65/38CRMOLA

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Satellite Type Flexographic Printing Machine
Informação básica

Maximum printing height:700mm

Comprimento de impressão: 600-1200mm

Registration accuracy:±0.2mm

Single-sided overprint accuracy: ±0.15mm

Number of printing colors:8 colors (4 positive and 4 reverse)

Rewinding and unwinding diameter:≤1400mm

Printing speed:120-160m/min

Main motor power:7.5kw*2

Dimensões: * 17000 2900 * 3900mm

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HQJ-D Intelligent High-precision Crosscutting Machine
Informação básica


Max diameter of material:¢1400mm

Max. width of cutting:1100mm

Length of cutting:20-3000mm

Precision of fixed length:±0.2mm


Potência total: 6.5kw

Weight (approx.):3200kg

Overall dimension(L×W×H):4800×1900×1400(mm)

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We are specialized in manufacturing the plastic machine such as stretch film machine, film blowing machine,bubble film machine,bag making machine,printing machine, film laminating machine and so on.

Controle de qualidade

Estamos implementando totalmente a implementação de padrões de gerenciamento de qualidade ISO9001: 2000.


O que nossos clientes dizem

We are emphasizing product excellent quality using of high quality materials, adopting advanced technology and managements to guarantee products quality and can supply perfect products and after sales service.

The attitude of the sales and after-sales staff is very good, very professional and I am very satisfied

James Clinton
James Clinton
2021 / 02 / 15

The quality of the machine is very good and the speed is very fast.

James Clinton
James Clinton
2021 / 02 / 15

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